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Kevin Bates sm


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Music-making has always been woven into my ministry along with song-writing.
It has always provided a wonderful way of engaging with God's people,whatee their background. Music is a universal language which transcends religion, culture and age, and I've always been grateful that I am able to have music as such a valuable element in my ministry.   

Centuries beforewe ever had soul music, the Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle noted that music was found in "the soul". This is the place where we all connect and our various differences have the chance to melt into the background. Music creates communion between us and I've always seen my little songs as vehicles for this kind of communion of people. 

My first albums came out on vinyl back in the late 70's.  Since then we have progressed as technology has developed and now some of my songs are available through this site in digital form.  

I thank God for all the wonderful people who have collaborated with me in recording my songs and those many more people who have inspired them.


At our parish Holy Name of Mary, Hunters Hill, as part of our weekly bulletin I prepare a short reflection on a current issuethat has some relevance to our parish community.
  Sometimes these reflections are of a more spiritual nature, sometimes reflecting on a current social issue and sometimes marking special celebrations in our community. 

People have responded appreciatively to them through these past few years and so I am happy to share some of them with you through the website.  

You are welcome to make use of them in any way you choose and to respond to them if you wish.